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Military Mom Parenting A-Z Guide

Military Mom Parenting A-Z Guide

Are you the mother of a service member that is getting ready to go or recently went off to boot camp?

Whether you are a military family member or not, we just want you to know that the first months of your child's military training are very stressful. And we mean to talk about the parents here.

We would love to help you to get over these first weeks while your son or daughter was going through the training to be their best selves so you could also transform as well.

Military Mom’s on the Home Front

Most of the training will have some similarities whether it is officer's candidate school, ROTC indoctrination, service academy Plebe Summer or basic training. As they are going through intense physical and mental trainings, you usually will have little to zero contact from them and obviously you can't do much to help them anyway.

It's a very big adjustment in life for you compared to life before the military. It can make you very stressful as a Mother of a service member.

By learning more about the big picture of the boot camp and beyond, we hope can bring you the tools you need to cope with when the military life can give you even great challenges.

As your child is training to become a warrior, you can also become a warrior on the home front. So that if the duty calls your child to serve in harm's way, you can be ready to support them anytime.

"Every day is a new opportunity for a change and personal growth"

Me and my team members of MotherProud, have put together a Military Parenting A-Z guide with practical tips to help you transition to a more resilient you and step up to the challenges ahead.

What’s Inside the Guide to Military Parenting A-Z?

Our guide will help you navigate this military mom's life based on our own experiences. Please note that we are a huge fan of positive approaches as military moms and see this is an opportunity for many great challenges.

As part of the military mom journey, our guide will give you tips on managing the emotional ups and downs and much much more, included Finding you Focus and Cutting the Clutter!

"It’s within our control to travel this journey with joy in our heart and strength in our spirit, or not; the decision is ours."

This is a big chance to push you forward if you let it, make us all become greater than who we are.

Our guide is hopefully can help you to make basic training and beyond a positive, interesting and transformative process.

You can download our Military Parenting A-Z Guide below. Make sure to open and confirm our confirmation email, please check the spam if it's not in your inbox.

MotherProud Military Parenting Guidebook A-Z

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